Haley Grieb Realtor KirnanNot everyone is convinced selling their house with a Realtor is for them. There are lots of reasons an owner may want to sell their house themselves. You may have experience selling a home, or have had a bad experience with a broker. Whatever the reason, there are things you can do to prepare yourself and your home for selling.

* For starters you’ll need to determine what your home’s market value is by comparing homes of similar style, lot size, number of beds/baths, current condition, updates/upgrades, etc.
* Get your home ready. A clean, decluttered home shows best.
* From there, you’ll need the State Disclosures and your title work. Make sure to find a good Real Estate Attorney. They’ll be a big part of the process. Haley Gried Kirnan Real Home For Sale by Owner

You can search the Internet/YouTube and find out all kinds of websites, videos and self-help guides on how to sell you house yourself.  But no website, 6 Steps to Selling a House by Owner or maybe the 10-Steps Guide to Selling Your Home, or even the guide How to Sell Your Own House: 15 Steps (with Pictures), will replace your Realtor.

Think you have a grasp on the process? Here are some further questions to consider before jumping into the market on your own.

Some answers you may not be able to find in the quick guides online are:
* Can you devote 10+ hours a week communicating with buyers and showing your house to strangers?
* Are the people viewing your house, ready, willing and able to purchase your house.
* Are you willing to offer compensation for a buyer's agent?
* Do you feel that you can get as much for the house as a broker can even with limited visibility?
* Do you understand real estate contracts and your liability as a seller?
* Who will hold the earnest money?
* Do you know the tactics in negotiating with agents and do you know different negotiating points besides price?
* How will buyers, inspectors, and appraisers access the property once you are under contract?
* Do you know how to read an appraisal report and determine if the buyer will be able to close on time?

Haley Grieb Kirnan Real Estate ProfessionalThe internet can also show you how to code HTML, repair an unbalanced washing machine and replace a carburetors, but for the same reason you wouldn't treat your own broken leg, leave your largest asset to me as a Real Estate professional.  As a Real Estate Professional, it is my full-time job to communicate with buyers and sellers. It is my full-time job to market properties I have listed for sale. It is my full-time job to negotiate contracts.  It is my full-time job to work with professional photographers, inspectors, and appraisers along with other industry professionals. It is my full-time job to follow-up with mortgage representative, to know how to read appraisal reports and make sure my buyers and sellers get to close on time.
I love being a Realtor at Kirnan Real Estate and I'm very proud of the work that I do. Whether it’s helping buyers in finding, what’s very likely their life’s most valuable asset. Or helping home sellers with the marketing and sale of their home, as they get ready for the next chapter in their life! How exciting is that!
I'd love to take a tour of your house and answer any questions I can. I am a call, text, or email away! Cell: 315-944-7768 Email: haley@kirnan.com

Don't handle your largest asset alone. I promise, we as Realtors, have your best interest at heart too.